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Photos from SDP Rally, Woodlands, 30 April 2006

Photos from SDP rally at Woodlands (30th April 2006 Saturday)

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Worker's Party Rally, 29 April 2006

The scene at a Workers' Party's Rally on 29 06 2006.

Low Thia Khiang, Aljunied, 28 April 2006

Here is a part of mr low thia kiang's speech during the aljunied GrC rally.
28/04/06 around 9.50pm.

Election Photos Day 1

From one of our readers

Day 1:

8.00pm: Singapore Democratic Alliance rally at open field by Potong Pasir MRT station

8.30pm: People's Action Party rally at Serangoon Stadium

9.30pm: Worker's Party rally at Kampong Ubi by Maha Bodhi School

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Day One

8.00pm: Singapore Democratic Alliance rally at open field by Potong Pasir MRT station
The first place I visited after work was Potong Pasir - it's the closest to me and right next to an MRT station.
There the mood seemed more anticipatory. There wasn't much participatory enthusiasm. It felt more like people waiting to see what would happen. The crowd was sizable but still only a couple of hundred people. Perhaps it was too early in the evening? The SDA speakers were decent but didn't seem to have a unifying aim to what they said. Just a lot of scattered points about various issues. Didn't see anything being handed out or sold though I did see one man holding a NSP newletter.

This photo is from the top of an old block of flats - I think it was six storeys high.

8.30pm: People's Action Party rally at Serangoon Stadium
From Serangoon MRT station, I caught a bus to Serangoon Stadium. Crossing the overhead bridge to the Stadium, I saw that it was deserted except for policemen packing up and leaving. A family of Indians watching from the bridge said that a couple of buses with PAP supporters had come by earlier, but they then left. They suggested that it had been "cancelled by the weatherman". Personally I suspect that the buses went over to the Choa Chu Kang rally.
The picture here is taken from the overhead bridge.
Comment: while the picture is definitely not a complimentary one for the PAP, one must remember that percentage-wise, far fewer PAP supporters would turn up for a rally. Curious people would also tend to go for opposition rallies because they already know what the PAP platform is. This makes it dangerous to predict electoral results based on rally turnout.

9.30pm: Worker's Party rally at Kampong Ubi by Maha Bodhi School
On the way home by bus, I passed by Arumugan Road at about 9pm and noticed temple flags! I originally did not intend to go to the Worker's Party rally but given the possibility of visiting a possible temple event along the way, how could I resist?
As it turns out, the only thing going at Arumugan on was a wayang at Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple. Popped my head round the corner to check the temple's Tiger shrine and took a few photos of the flags (they had a whole field with birthday flags for different deities) before heading down Ubi Avenue to the Worker's Party rally.
Given that the rally site was in the middle of a mixed housing estate and industrial area, I was suprised to see the size of the crowd: there were a few thousand people there. The Party was also selling manifestos and newsletters at $5 each (ouch!). Given the size of the crowd, I had to run to the top of a nearby HDB flat (11th floor) for a shot that could reflect the size of the crowd.
Generally the speakers achieved a beter rapport with the crowd and their speeches were more focused. They obviously had a planned party platform and position that all speakers were following.
With that many people, it is no surprise that the field was extremely muddy. When my left foot sank ankle-deep into the mud, someone nearby wryly commented: "that's what PAP gives us".

Am only sorry that I could not make it to Choa Chu Kang Park as well. Hopefully I can catch a PAP and a SDP rally during the weekend (Sunday or Monday - sadly am working on Saturday evening).

WP's Low Thia Khiang introduces Aljunied GRC WP candidates

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Singapore Election 2006: Party Political Broadcast

Part 1: WP and SDA

Part 2: SDA

Part 3: PAP

Broadcast details: Political parties fielding six or more candidates in this election are eligible for party political broadcast. Airtime is in proportion to the number of the candidates fielded. This is the first of two programs, the speakers respresenting their parties are:

Mr Lee Hsien Loong, from the People's Action Party;
Mr Chiam See Tong from the Singapore Democratic Alliance;
Ms Sylvia Lim from the Workers' Party;
Ms Chee Siok Chin from the Singapore Democratic Party.

The party fielding the smallest number of candidates will appear first, the party fielding the largest number, last.

WP's Sylvia Lim singing at Hougang Lunar New Year Dinner 2006

Hougang Lunar New Year Dinner 2006 Venue: Hougang Avenue 5 Neighbouring Park
Date : 18 Feb 2006

Singapore Forum on Politics 2006, NUS, 25 Feb 2006: The (In)Significance of Political Elections in Singapore


Dr Gillian Koh
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies

James Gomez
Assistant Secretary-General (2nd), Workers' Party

Viswa Sadasivan
Chairman, The Right Angle Group

Chandra Mohan
Advocate & Solicitor, Tan Rajah & Cheah and former Nominated Member of Parliament

Dr Geh Min
Nominated Member of Parliament and President of Nature Society Singapore)

Prof Kirpal Singh
Associate Professor of Literature & Creative Thinking, Singapore Management University

25 Feb 2006, Sat 08:30-13:30, Lecture Theatre 8, NUS

Organised by Department of Political Science, NUS

SDA's Chiam See Tong's arrival at his rally

SDA's Chiam See Tong rally speech on unfair media coverage

Chiam on unfair Opposition coverage by the press and tv.

Photos from SDA's rally on Fri 28 April 2006

Photo of SDA's Chiam See Tong at his rally.

See more at Hardwarezone forums.

After the rally I walk about with Chiam until the town council and the supporters hold him up. Very fierce!!! We are chanting "CHAIM SEE TONG...SURE WIN....CHAIM SEE TONG...SURE WIN.." all the way....!!!!!!! -hammerhammer (HWZ forum)

WP's Sylvia Lim speaking at rally on Low Income

Worker's Party Aljunied Rally 28 April 2006

WP Rally for Aljunied GRC, 28 April 2006, 10pm.

Name of speakers: Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim, Goh Meng Seng, James Gomez, WP Aljunied GRC Candidate

Location: Aljunied GRC, Open Field at junction of Ubi Ave 1 and Road 3

Date: 28th April 2006

Time: 10.00pm, just after the rally ends and WP Members leave from rally site

SDA's Chiam See Tong arriving at his rally

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It has begun, start sending us your coverage of the Singapore General Election

(photo taken from yawning bread's blog, from his excellent photo essay of Nomination Day.)

This is a list of Friday's Rallies (anyone has videos or any other media, please email us. Yes, if you record it, we will post it.)

Our email address is:

Info on Saturday Rallies

Get up to date info on rallies from Singapore Police website

(photo taken by a WP supporter from sammyboy coffee shop.)

Cheers of WP supporters at a WP rally (audio/wav)

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Asian Dialogues: General Elections of Singapore

Singapore Democratic Party's Chee Siok Chin on the General Elections of Singapore, as seen on Asian Dialogues (

Friday, April 21, 2006


Dr Lee, the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, said: "Political campaigning should not be turned into 'info-tainment."

Baratunde on TV: Fox 25 Post 2004 Election

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Face To Face With Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore (PM Lee)

Another Google Video example.

Why My Vote Matters-A Dialogue With Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew LKY

Not a rally speech but just to demonstrate the use of Google Video.