Monday, May 29, 2006

Audio from The Singapore GE 2006 Post Mortem (May 23, 2006)

The five panelists were Dr Chee Soon Juan of Singapore Democratic Party, Ms Denise Phua of the PAP, Mr Perry Tong of the Workers’ Party, and political commentators Dr Catherine Lim and Assoc Prof Ho Khai Leong. The NUSS session was moderated by Chandra Mohan. Date 23 May 2006.

Recorded and uploaded by MichaelCSW

Click on the players below to play each clip (or visit the SGrally podcast page at Odeo, or subscribe to the podcast Odeo feed)

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Speaker: Catherine Lim

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Speaker: Perry Tong

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Speaker: Chee Joon Suan

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Speaker: Ho Khai Leong

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Speaker Denise Phua (Part 1)

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Speaker Denise Phua (Part 2)

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Q&A Part 1

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Q&A Part 2

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Q&A Part 3

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Q&A Part 4

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Q&A Part 5

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Did mainstream media coverage of the GE improve in 2006?

Above: Yawning Bread analysis of unprofessional journalism practised by ChannelNewsAsia.

Cherian George on SINGAPORE ELECTIONS AND THE MAINSTREAM PRESS and further views from Alex Au of Yawning Bread.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Channel News Asia on the impact of the Internet on the Singapore General Elections 2006

Aired on 12 May 06, CNA looks at the role of the Internet (e.g. blogs, podcasts and forums) in fostering political discussion and independent news coverage during the recent Singapore General Elections. Reported by Farah Abdul Rahim.

Time is GMT + 8 hours
Posted: 12 May 2006 1557 hrs

Blogging activity up during Singapore election campaigning /video

By Farah Abdul Rahim, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : During the nine-day election campaign, the number of blog articles on the subject grew nearly 10-fold compared to before Nomination Day, showing the online community's interest in Singapore's general election.

Observers have hailed this as the first election in which the Internet had an impact on Singapore's political culture.

With Singapore being one of the most plugged-in and Internet-savvy countries in the world, it was no surprise that the election was closely watched and discussed online.

One indication was that before Parliament was dissolved, the number of blog articles on the election numbered about 20 a day.

This number doubled to more than 40 after Parliament was dissolved in the run-up to Nomination Day, and it averaged over 190 during the nine-day election campaign.

The interest has not waned even after the results, with 195 blog articles posted daily since Polling Day.

Said Goh Kheng Wee, managing director of NexLabs, "It is a very interesting trend. I think it's the first time citizen journalism is really taking its form in the Singapore election. Of course in the last election in 2001, blogging did not exist. Citizen journalism -- probably the best expression is in blogs and it was very prevalent in this election here. A lot of people took it upon themselves, felt empowered by technology to report what they see, feel, hear from each election, giving detailed accounts online with the hope of sharing that account as accurately as possible."

A check with blogs like yawningbread, singaporeelection, and sgrally showed that the James Gomez saga was the top election theme, followed closely by estate upgrading, according to NexLabs, which monitors online trends.

The hottest Group Representation Constituency discussed was Aljunied.

One blog received about 5,000 to 6,000 hits, double the usual number.

Serious discussion aside, there were also political satires, like one podcast by bloggers mrbrown and Mr Miyagi.

The podcast, which was a parody of the James Gomez affair, had 60,000 downloads and some 100,000 partial downloads.

What do the numbers mean?

Said Associate Professor Randolph Kluver, executive director, Singapore Internet Research Centre, " In this election, clearly the Internet took on a more prominent role in helping to define the news agenda and helping people to sort through the issues, to discuss the issues. So there are these subtle transformations of Singapore's political culture, in terms of making politics a little less serious, a little less formal, increasing the ability of people to comment upon it, to add variations upon it, to reformulate policies in a more nuanced way that hasn't been there before."

Political parties also made their presence felt in cyberspace.

The People's Action Party rejuvenated its Young PAP website to include a forum to discuss the latest issues, while observers said opposition parties like the Workers' Party and the Singapore Democratic Party also tapped on the Internet.

The election may be over but observers say it is still too early to assess the impact of the Internet on the election.

The Information Communications and the Arts Ministry is currently studying this issue.

But one thing is certain -- the Internet community is only expected to grow further before the next general election. - CNA

Gomez Incident as covered on Channel 5

Video includes:
-CCTV captures
-George Yeo's supermarket analogy
-Gomez's apology
-Wong Kan Seng's rebuttal

Monday, May 08, 2006

Chiam welcomed by residents of Potong Pasir after results announced, 6 May 2006

Residents of Potong Pasir turn out in force to welcome Chiam after his victory is announced for the Singapore General Elections 2006.

Workers' Party thanking their supporters after results announced

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mr Lim Boon Heng on PAP's aims to win at least 80% of votes in Ang Mo Kio GRC

SDA's Chiam See Tong addressing residents after win

Singapore election 2006, SDA Potong Pasir Chiam See Tong Address to residents after election results and his Potong Pasir win.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

WP's James Gomez arrested

Our sources tell us that James Gomez of the Workers' Party has been detained by the police at Changi Airport on charges of criminal intimidation.

We will update this site with more information when we have it.


May 7, 8:35 AM EDT

Singapore opposition politician arrested for allegedly threatening election officials

Associated Press Writer

SINGAPORE (AP) -- A Singapore opposition politician was arrested Sunday for allegedly threatening the country's election officials, a day after he failed to win a seat in national elections, an aide said.

Workers' Party candidate James Gomez was arrested Sunday for alleged "criminal intimidation," his aide Jacob George said. Gomez was attempting to leave the country but was stopped by immigration officials, who turned him over to the police.

"We don't know the specifics, but it could be due to the minority certificate," said George, referring to an incident when Gomez initially accused officials of misplacing his election papers more than a week before Saturday's election.

He subsequently apologized after security camera footage showed he put the form into his bag. The academic claimed he was distracted.

Gomez was part of a five-member Workers' Party team that contested a multimember ward against the ruling People's Action Party, where a minority candidate is compulsory.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's PAP won 82 of 84 seats in Singapore's 10th general elections since independence in 1965.

"Police received a complaint against James Gomez from the Elections Department, and police are investigating," said police spokeswoman Siow Cheng Cheng. She did not elaborate.

A security official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with policy, said Gomez has not been charged. If found guilty for criminal intimidation, Gomez could be jailed for up to seven years.

It is not immediately clear why the elections department waited till after the polls to file the complaint.

The incident was played up by ruling party politicians and local media, which rarely deviate from the government line.

Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew, called Gomez, 40, "a liar" and a "bad egg."

"He's not a fool ... He's saying he's got brains," elder statesman Lee was quoted on state-broadcaster Channel NewsAsia's Web site as saying. "Well, what do you use those brains for?"

Lee is the father of the current prime minister and wields considerable influence as "Minister Mentor" in his son's cabinet.

The PAP said they targeted Gomez, a researcher with a Stockholm-based institute, as it was an issue of credibility.

WP "Suicide 6", Ang Mo Kio, reactions to the results

The Workers' Party team of six young newcomers, nicknamed "gan si tui", challenged the PM at Ang Mo Kio GRC and received 33.87% of the vote there. The PM's team received 66.13%, below the expected 80%.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

WP rally, Serangoon, 5 May 2006

Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang saying the pledge in English and Chinese.

SDA Rally,Potong Pasir, 5 May 2006

Crowds cheering Chiam

Steve Chia's speech

WP rally, Serangoon, 5 May 2006

Sylvia Lim

Mr Low Thia Khiang - English with National Pledge (Part 1)

(Part 2)

Mr Low Thia Khiang - Chinese
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

James Gomez
Part 1
Part 2

Crowds video

SDA Rally at Potong Pasir 5 May 2006

WP rally, Serangoon Stadium, 5 May 2006

Friday, May 05, 2006

WP rally, Serangoon Stadium, 5 May 2006

Taken at Serangoon Stadium 1845hrs

SDA rally, Sembawang GRC, 5 May 2006

PAP rally, Segar Rd, 5 May 2006

More videos from WP Rally, AMK 4 May 2006

Low Thia Khiang (Chinese speech)

Low Thia Khiang (English speech)

Sylvia Lim

James Gomez

More photos of WP Rally, AMK, 4 May 2006

From a forum reader:

Very good shot from Blk 523!...In fact all the corridors from the 2nd flr to the 12 flr are also full...likewise for all the open space in front of Blk 523 and below those trees at the bottom right corner

From a forum reader:

Special police was deployed after the rally. Barriers were set up alogn the pavement to enforce the traffic light rules (just like yesterday's Yishun rally) but it hindered the dispersion of crowds.

WP Rally, AMK 4th May 2006

WP Chairman speaking: Sylvia Lim


End of rally, crowd stay behind chanting


More speeches: Lee Wai Leng, James Gomez, Glenda Han

PAP Rally, UOB Plaza, 3rd May

[This was for the rally at UOB Plaza on the 3rd of May at 12 noon -215pm I didn't manage to record everything,and the names of the speakers are mentioned in the audio recordings so apologies about that I don't have the exact details]

Special Feature: PM Lee

More recordings here, here, here, here, here,here, here and here.